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Initially a group of young Greek men got together for a friendly game of soccer in Thornbury in the early 1970's. Due to the Victorian Soccer Federation regionalisation policy, the team was initially known as Thornbury Soccer Club. In 1980 a new base was formed in Brunswick where the club took on its new name of Brunswick City "Leonidas" Soccer Club inspired by the Spartan Warrior. Their enthusiasm for the sport and its social aspect brought more players along. As the size of the participants expanded, so did the need for a bigger club.


The very first president was Mr Nick Koutoulis who saw his team play in a Sunday league division. The club gained entry into the District League and from there was promoted through the divisions of the Provisional League right through to State League Division 1, which was the highest the senior team has reached. Currently the senior team is competing in State League Division 2 NW. From one mens' senior team emerged the current teams we have today; including Reserves Team, Thirds Team, Womens Teams, 8 Junior Teams and 6 Small Sided Teams.


The team initially played all home games from Royal Park, oval no.9. A move was made to Balfe Park in East Brunswick. With the development of the Junior program came the need for bigger and better facilities, hence the move to our current establishment of Dunstan Reserve, Brunwick West. The players at Brunswick City Soccer Club are proud Australians from diverse cultural backgrounds.


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