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The Brunswick City Soccer Club is a well-known northern suburbs club located in the municipality of Moreland with strong community emphasis. Dunstan Reserve, Peacock Street in West Brunswick is the headquarters for the club, where it shares a multi-purpose sports facility with other community groups; the facility includes the exclusive use of a senior soccer ground and winter access to two senior grounds.

The Club was founded in 1970 by a group of gentlemen who for recreational purposes wanted to play soccer. Over the years the club has grown immensely and broadened its memberships to include Senior’s, Women's, Junior’s and Veteran’s teams. Brunswick City Soccer Club has become more than just a place to play sport, it is a place for families and friends to congregate in the spirit of the community and for local businesses through their support of the club can meet the local community and wider districts. We are renowned for our Friday night Lamb gyros on the spit.


Today, the club is continuing to strive for success in every aspect of this ever-growing international sport.  We have a strong vision to maintain our success and strength as a strong soccer club in the northern suburbs. We have recently put in place a 3 year plan to field junior teams in each age group and get our seniors to improve their last 2 campaigns in the National Premier League. This plan also requires a very strong support base with the benefits flowing two ways.

Brunswick City Soccer Club is looking forward to an exciting future, and we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you the Brunswick City Community.

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